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Fancy a cocktail ?

It's been quite a while, A gift for you.

I am going to start posting more often. Monthly maybe quarterly, I will see if I can get to the desk. It has been a big year. These posts will be a snippet of my work, styling tips and tricks, and recipes. Today, I am sharing a recipe for a Gin Cooler and some cocktail stills and video inspiration ! Hope you enjoy !

I don't know about you, but I love a cocktail at the end of the week.. And to relaunch my blog I thought I would make it a little fun and of value. A cocktail should you so desire.

I like to have a few recipes up my sleeve for when friends visit. My husband and I have a few favourites, and each time we try something we like out, we note it and try to replicate, . Here is one inspired by all the Cucumber Coolers out there.

When it comes to drinking at home for us, it’s a simple matter to raid not only the alcohol cupboard but the fridge and pantry too, all the better to shake up something special. And I generally like something on the healthier side.

This Gin Cooler recipe combine gin with either cucumber or elderflower, plus lemon or lime, and sometimes a little soda water to create a tall rather than short drink.

Usually the cucumber is sliced or diced and added whole, but for this Cooler I’ve peeled the cucumber carefully and put the strips of skin aside. That's for the garnish.

I juiced the cucumber with some mint and combined the glorious green liquid with gin, lemon zest, lemon juice and a touch of sugar.

Because I’m a child at heart and love a good froth moustache, I’ve added an egg white to make a thick layer of froth but you can miss this out if you’re not so keen, or if you make this for anyone who can’t consume raw eggs. Likewise, if you prefer a tall drink, omit the egg white and instead add up to 100 ml of soda water; shake all the ingredients except for the soda water, pour the mix into a tall glass and then top up with the soda water.

Here's the recipe

Cucumber Cooler

One third to half a cucumber (to make 60ml of strained juice)

3 - 5 mint leaves, depending what you like..

Zest of one lemon , unwaxed or thoroughly scrubbed

30 ml lemon juice

60 ml gin

30 g white sugar

1 small egg white (raw)

This makes about 150ml

As this recipe includes raw egg white, it is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with a compromised immune system.

If you scale this recipe up, one egg white will be sufficient for up to 2 servings.

Instructions -

Peel the cucumber lengthwise and put the skin aside. this will be your garnish.

Place the peeled cucumber with the mint leaves in a food processor, jug blender and strain to collect the juice.

Zest the lemon using a fine-gauge grater or zester. Put aside.

Then cut the lemon in half and juice.

Into a cocktail shaker or suitably-sized jam jar, measure 60 ml of the strained cucumber and mint juice, 60 ml of gin, 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar and add the lemon zest and egg white.I know, i'm spelling it out here...

Seal the jar and shake hard until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined, and the egg white has created a frothy emulsion.

Now, to garnish. Take your empty glass and gently twist the cucumber slice around the inside of the glass. Because of the moisture in the cucumber, it should stick to the side.

Now gently pour the cocktail into the glass and serve immediately. Bottoms up !

And for a little inspiration, here is just some of my favourite cocktail images I've styled.Some stills and motion.

Work by photographers David Paull ( moody heaven ) and Mindi Cooke (light and bright ) seen here..

If you have scrolled down this far, a treat. I new find, Stunning glass swizzles sticks from Atley CO. I have featured them on my Christmas gift guides if you are curious, head to my Instagram. I have expensive taste, it is a curse. OR head to local antique store and source out some gems. they make great gifts.

Please reach out if you'd like to know the full crew list that I have worked on these shoots with.

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