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Last year, I experienced my first international gig. Let me tell you, it was amazing !

A week in Hong Kong. Can you imagine my excitement when this landed in my in box. yep, I read it twice, maybe three times.

I love to travel for work, and do around Australia, but HK ! Yes ! I'll come.

After my visit, I had to question why I hadn't been sooner.. It’s an exciting place.

With the most restaurants in the world per capita, there is a lot for the taste buds to explore. And locals tell me the islands are superb. Hit me up with your tips if you've been! I'm all ears. Currently writing a hit list.

The Photographer was surprised that I had never worked internationally. Nice to hear. But now I do !

Packing as light as possible was a challenge. All kit, minimal attire. That’s ok, it’s all about comfort on the job. No room for princesses with full head of makeup and designer clothes. No, no.

Luckily for me a Canadian prop stylist Lynn was onboard this project so I could travel light. Well, within my limits.

I worked with an incredible crew of expats living in HK, and others moving there. Apparently, they are just discovering the value of engaging stylists on food shoots. Suggesting there is work to be had.

So it was just my FOOD STYLING know how needed on this one. Nice change, as I am usually engaged for both.

No food styling backgrounds required, just a well considered kit for the tasks ahead.

Anything I hadn't done before, let me tell you I rehearsed ahead. Leaving no room for error.I did several hundred butter curls !! Now I am Queen ! If I don't say so myself. Practice makes perfect.

You can check out the end results in my reels. Look for Anchor Butter. We made a few.

Butter, cream, air conditioning and fridge issues, humidity, HK standards, an injured camera man and assistant.

This gig was just as much about keeping ones cool as it was the product. Having said that the Producer Cordy, was incredible. Producers often go unappreciated.Never credited. But they are the glue. Keeping everything running like a well oiled machine.

She was awe-inspiring. (She wooed me with her 24/7 juice bar on set. I think this is what kept us all going strong. Green juices all round !)

The work was hard, the hours long. But all in all rewarding and being asked to join this HK crew thereafter was a highlight. I think I heard that right, I was pretty delirious. We wrapped in the early hours of the morning, just before my flight home to OZ.

I didn't get to see much, I was literally in and out! Having said that my lovely assistant Duyen did take me to the local produce markets and introduced me wonderful produce, feed me incredibly well. A film caterer. Better than any I have experienced here. We shared a love of Yotam, so you can imagine the menu. And I made some wonderful new friends.

Other than that it was peering out of taxi cab windows and hotel rooms. But, that’s ok, I'll be back !

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