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Working in film is one of my greatest loves. As a cook, food stylist, recipe developer, and cookbook author, it's been my absolute pleasure to work as a culinary consultant and food stylist in film. I love the challenge, and the people.

Each set brings new challenges so I’m always learning something new.

I enjoy the opportunity to work closely with Production Designer or Property Master to bring the vision to life.

At times I am called upon to research the culinary history of a place or time, make food to cater for actors requests and/or masses of extras.

As an author of two dessert cookbooks I'm just waiting now for another 'Marie Antoinette'.

Have you seen Sofia Coppola ultimate image of decadence in her 2006 biopic on the French queen ? thats the dream, well, anything on that scale, though 'Jungle' was pretty awesome and "Swinging Safari' with all its nostalgia and retro dishes.

Dish it up universe!  

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