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I would love to speak with you,.Feel free to call me direct on 0421 005134.

Sometimes a call is so much easier than an email, right ?


Cafe & Restaurant Styling

Lyndel was born into a hospitality family so she knows the fundamental needs of this industry well. It is characterised by strong competition and these days, visual imagery is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Lyndel knows how to best communicate your establishments essence and aesthetic, the level of quality and the experience with considered styling, that will engages the senses and the target audience. 



Food Styling

Lyndel has decades of experience. She understands the complexities of food preparation, photography and videography in order to know how a particular food item can look its best, camera ready and photogenic.

When needed, Lyndel consults client and agency, offers solutions, and creative direction. She comes armed with a variety of tools and techniques, decades of experience with food, from commercial kitchens, and as industry food stylist. Lyndel has worked with leading chefs and food personalities, for editorial. and commercial advertising, cookbook production, and support for video content.

Lyndel comes with an extensive prop selection and stunning bespoke photography backgrounds 


Wardrobe Styling

Lyndel is newly available for wardrobe styling to add to her list of services. Over the last four years, she has worked on numerous campaigns - television commercials, editorial assignments, and lifestyle photography stills.


Lyndel can source, supply and supplement a considered wardrobe to meet your creative brief, as well as, curating mood boards and managing talent.

This service has proven a welcome addition to campaigns that require a prop stylist and wardrobe stylist combined. 


Home Builders Package

With a background in development, sales and marketing in this domain, Lyndel brings a wealth of expertise.

Lyndel's seemingly effortless styling, creates a welcoming and cohesive look to capture the buyers interest without distraction, to produces powerful on-brand images that communicates the offer, quality of product and inclusions, engaging the senses and the target audience.

In addition, Lyndel also brings a prop inventory of quality lifestyle props in line with brand looks and current trends that add a lived-in feel to these interior spaces.


Product Styling

With a background in Visual Merchandising, and Sales and Marketing Management,

Lyndel knows how to elevate brands, offering fresh ideas on how to best communicate your product or assist clients in implementing their creative vision.

Lyndel has become an influential and essential element to many of her clients marketing campaigns and her long standing and successful clients are a true testament to this.


 Accomodation Styling Package


Lyndel knows how to add the most appropriate intimate details that make Luxury Hotels & Boutique AirBNB stand out from the crowd.

She delights in creating compositions that draw the eye for longer and are more likely to entice guests to book a stay.

Lyndel has an extensive range of lifestyle props tailored to accomodation photography, with the ability to manage talent and wardrobe styling if needed to meet clients needs and budgets.

Glasses and Notebook

Styling 1:1 and Corporate Workshops

Lyndel works with small business 1:1 , intimate and hands on in 4 hour lessons as well as fun and interactive corporate workshops for up to 20 people. (Notably hotel groups and their marketing teams.).

Lyndel shares all of her hard-earned lessons, resources, tips, tricks and insights to create engaging visual stories that connect with your audience and create impact. She will take a deep dive into creative direction and why you should establish an identifiable theme in your photos. 


You'll learn the steps for unlocking ideas for props, backdrops and the overall setting. This class is great for product, food and lifestyle photography.


Prop Styling & Set Dressing

Lyndel is a resourceful and connected stylist, with a background in Interior Design, Decoration and Styling for editorial and commercial including TVC's.


She loves to partner with clients, creative teams and agency to create the best possible outcomes with their presented budgets.


Lyndel can supply, hire or create bespoke custom built props and set design, blending the ordinary and elevated to supplement exisiting spaces. She can also source plants and arrange botanicals and perishables.

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